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Monkeyjump Labs Partners with Cargill: New Product Introduction at CES 2023

Written by Emily Copeland

Innovative technology leaves snowy MN for sunny Las Vegas at CES 2023

CES, or Consumer Electronic Show, is the largest consumer-facing technology event in the world. Since 1967, companies have flocked to CES to show off the new technology they are developing. Investors, consumers, and journalists all attend in hopes of discovering bleeding-edge technology/products across every corner of the technology sector.

If investors and consumers are the sharks, new technology at CES is the chum in the water.

People are hungry to see the latest technology in spaces like virtual reality, cell phones, smart home devices, laptops, and so much more. This year, Cargill showcased the products they developed with the help of Monkeyjump Labs.

Chekt: Food Delivery + Consumer Goods Technology

One highlighted product was the 2023 CES Innovations Award Honoree, the Chekt food delivery system. Each Chekt system is a modularized configuration of a certain number of lockable pods. These pods look like small lockers and are built like legos to fill any available floor space. Pod technology benefits the restaurant flow from meal preparation to consumer pickup, all while avoiding lines and high levels of human interaction.

Chekt removes friction from the front of the house and the need for interaction at pickup. Online food ordering companies like Door Dash require a lot of interaction and organization. With Chekt, a restaurant can finalize the order and put it directly into a Chekt pod for customer pickup.

Monkeyjump Labs was heavily involved in developing the Chekt product while consulting on product iterations in a group setting. To test the product workflow in a stadium setting, Monkeyjump Labs created a rough workflow prototype of an Ikea box with a window. They built a web app to simulate the hardware sensors and electronics so users could understand what it would be like as a full-fledged product.

In the final phases of development, Monkeyjump Labs worked to ensure that the software requirements of scaling multiple instances of the application could be achieved. Today, Chekt is used at the Penguins stadium in Pittsburg and in a growing number of restaurants.

Hot Take: Insight Platform Software

At CES, Cargill presented different technologies that interact together to the consumer’s advantage. For example, after using the Chekt food delivery system, the consumer would receive a survey from the Hot Take platform.

Hot Take is a food-focused research platform designed to gain and deliver consumer insights to businesses.

How it works: The Hot Take Research team helps companies gain insights about new menu items they are developing by crafting surveys designed to get useful information from consumers. Companies can pay for Hot Take's service to run a study for a specified number of days against new or existing products.

Monkeyjump Labs was proud to consult this project on software iterations and direction. The Hot Take link presented at CES was also used interactively with another Cargill platform called Nosherie.

Nosherie: Consumer Insights Platform

Nosherie is a new consumer-facing app that allows consumers to swipe through food and snack options as they please while delivering these helpful insights to the food companies. Monkeyjump Labs helped launch this mobile app to the market in October of 2022.

The Nosherie app presents a win for brands/companies who add their products to the app. It's expensive to get products on the shelf in big retailers, and smaller stores could be costly and risky if/when the products don't sell.

Nosherie provides convenience for the consumer and accurate insights for the company. With a growing number of daily users, companies can find the Nosherie app in the Apple App Store.

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