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Expo West Serves Up New Food Products: Nosherie Is Built To Feature Them

Written by Emily Copeland

Horizons and Monkeyjump Labs introduce new food discovery platform called Nosherie at Expo West 2023

Expo West

The greatest new food ideas are stepping into the limelight at the Natural Products Expo West, and we are (literally) here for it. The food action begins March 7-11, 2023 in Anaheim, California at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Natural Products Expo West is the largest industry event of the year with an estimated 3,000 exhibitors and over 70,000 attendees. Expo West is the place to find the newest food products, platforms, and services.

Suppliers, vendors, distributors, brands, retail buyers, and customers come from all over the world to take part in this monumental event that celebrates the impact of new food products that are well-made and ready to be loved.

Nosherie App

Nosherie, a new food discovery platform from Cargill Horizons, will be at Expo West in booth #8621, helping connect people to their new favorite food products. The Nosherie iOS application, released in November 2022, curates all the best new snacks and sips while users swipe through food samples and descriptions.

Users of the app can discover, try, and buy new snack foods that they may not have access to in their local grocery stores (at least, not yet). To enhance the food discovery experience, users receive food samples in exchange for feedback about the product.

Featured brands on the platform receive data from consumer interactions to test new food concepts or to better understand how well their new products perform, informing their marketing, business, and sales strategies. Nosherie is a win-win for consumers looking to level up their snacking experience and brands looking to scale their new products.

Nosherie Platform Partnership

Prior to Nosherie, Horizons partnered with Monkeyjump Labs, a Minneapolis-based custom software development company, to create the Hot Take platform. Hot Take is a survey tool for the food industry that allows brands to receive consumer insight and feedback on their products and services.

With Hot Take solving the problem of gathering data for foodservice providers via surveys, Nosherie was built to give brands and CPG companies necessary insights in a way that was delightful, fun, and engaging for the consumer. Nosherie, with its swiping capabilities, allows the consumer to control the experience.

Monkeyjump Labs understood that a critical piece of the Nosherie platform was to develop an application that presented new products to the user every day while also providing the featured brands with the data insights they needed about their new products.

Nosherie in 2023

The Nosherie application currently serves over 7,000 users with 6,000+ samples of food, and a sample list growing daily. The platform is experiencing rapid growth with new brands asking to be listed each week. Brands at Expo West can meet the Nosherie team at their booth and learn about what it looks like to partner with Nosherie and gain instant product exposure.

Where you can find us:

Nosherie at the Expo and online

All expo long, you can stop by the “Trustier than Tarot” themed Nosherie booth #8621 and discover the Nosherie app for yourself with a live demo.

Download the Nosherie app today and start swiping!

Visit the Nosherie website to read more about the food discovery platform.

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